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Middle School Art

2:30pm - 3:30pm 

Participants drop off at the Grange starts 2:25pm. 

(10 Student Max)


In Art Explorations participants will have the chance to try new materials or ones they already know in new ways. They will work through the artistic process with Miss Liz to to build and reinvent their own artwork ideas. There will be a good range of 2D and 3D materials available to participants with extra special materials rotating each month. At the end of each month participants will be able to set up and run an art show for their parents and guardians.


Just Tuesday Art Lessons

$20 per 1 hour session - drop in or try it out for a day

or $95 for the month ($5 off)

Bring a friend or sibling discount: Contact us ahead of signing up online and we will email you both a special coupon code for $5 off.



To Combine with After School Art:

Drop Off Only on this day, pick up from Florence Roche not possible.

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm (2 classes)

Sign up by going through the Tuesday Art Lessons Tab on the Sign Up Here Page.

Monthly Price

Once a week: $150 


Drop Ins or try it out for a day: $40 per session

Discount for purchasing with Art Explorations (Th/Fri) and/or Crafty Club (M/W) monthly

Twice a week: $225 

Three Sessions per week: $343 

Four Sessions per week: $423 

Bring a Friend or Sibling Discount

Contact us ahead of signing up online and we will email you both a special coupon code for 10% off for Art Explorations. Another 10% off may be earned for both signing up for Crafty Club as well. 

***This price includes the materials for the month unless otherwise notified for special projects. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Art Explorations will not be available for the month of October as Miss Liz will be away. We are looking into alternatives but cannot guarantee it.


Other After School Art Groups and Classes:

Registration Information and Handbook
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