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1/2 Day Fridays

Feel Good Fridays

12:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Pick Up from Florence Roche is @ 12:15pm. 

Drop off at the Grange starts at 12:30pm for friends arriving by car.

(10 Student Max)

***Sign Up for this event will be offered to students who come regularly to our Getting Creative After School program first and then opened up to everyone. 


Feel Good Fridays are about finding new ways to create, move, and learn together. Our day will start with a short 10 minute walk from Florence Roche to the Groton Grange. We will have a knotted rope for our youngest friends to hold onto. Students may also be dropped off at the Grange once Ms. Liz has returned around 12:30pm. This program runs until 3pm. If participants need their children to stay longer please look into signing up for that day's after school program.


We will start our day with eating a packed lunch from home outside as weather permits and then outdoor recess with group games and independent play options.

Afterwards we will go inside to explore, discover, and create. Ms. Liz is an art teacher and will build art adventures that meet the interests of participants as she gets to know them, create challenges that promote problem solving skills, and teach about different types of art materials and artists. 


Ever get stuck about what to make? Even if you don't these activities can be lots of creative fun to try :) Come challenge yourself to create something new! We'll use some fun ways to decide what to make or how to create with materials that will vary between all sorts of drawing materials, paints, mixed media, sewing, and 3D materials. 

Create your own path using art games and books to create art. Try out some of our STEM/STEAM challenges. You will also have the option to make Artist Trading cards or clay art tokens that are a fun way to share some of your art adventures with others. You can keep them for yourself, you can give them as gifts, or you can trade them with other artists who make them! Make some new art friends by sharing your cards or tokens :) COME CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!


Also, part of our Feel Good Fridays is to do a small act of kindness for our community, our friends, our family, or someone we've never met by sharing our art or adding to a community project that IYC has going on. Our current project is a pair of knotted fleece blankets and a quilt made with painted fabric that students have made. We will also be making "Kindness Rocks" to share throughout our community. This will be a station that students may pick to work on and will not be a requirement.

Please be aware that if Miss Liz is picking your child up from Flo-Ro they will need: A note to the school that Liz Breeman is picking them up, their lunch + water, and weather appropriate gear for the short walk to the Grange.


These sessions are available only on Fridays that are 1/2 days in the Groton/Dunstable:

2022-2023 School Year Calendar: To Be Announced

Price: $30 per session

Bring a Friend or Sibling Discount

Contact us ahead of signing up online and we will email you each a special coupon code for $5 off. 

***This price includes the materials used. 

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