IYC Policies &

Participant Handbook

IYC has a few different programs that run. This handbook covers information about all of them. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change our policies as needed and will update this page when that occurs. Last Update: 11/9/21

Event Addresses: Inspiring Your Child, LLC holds programs at multiple locations. Please check the listing information for the location of that event. Our main event locations are:

The Groton Grange, 80 Champney St, Groton, MA 01450


The Luina Greine Farm and Farm School, 65 Common Street, Groton, MA, 01450


Our Mailing Address (only): 173 Gratuity Rd, Groton, MA, 01450

Checks may be made payable to: Inspiring Your Child, LLC


For any questions about programming please give us a call or email us.

Liz Breeman: 603-714-4306 (IYCmissLiz@gmail.com)

Julia Borger-Green: 617-501-2315 (InspiringTheChild@gmail.com)

General Policies and COVID-19 Updated 2/28/22 

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations:

Covid-19 continues to be a concern for many so we will continue to follow safety measures as required. We are bound by the rules that the town/state puts in place as well as the building owners of the locations we hold our events in. We also must take into account the families we work with and our own who may have underlying health conditions that put them in extra danger. Thank you for understanding.

  • If you feel sick. Stay Home! This is asked of all staff and participants. (If you have symptoms of COVID-19 as reported by the CDC please look into getting tested at one of the local testing centers.)

  • We ask that staff, participants, and anyone else who enters an indoor IYC event or activity wear a mask at all times even if they have been vaccinated. Please help keep others safe.

  • Any food eaten at the Grange must be packaged from home and eaten 6ft apart. Food may not be shared inside the Grange. When it is warmer we will be able to eat outside and some of the restrictions will be less strict. Participants will be asked to wash hands before and after eating.

  • Staff will cleanse work areas before and after events.

  • Any positive cases of Covid-19 will be reported to all participants and staff present on those days. They will be asked to be tested for Covid-19 again before returning. We are also required to report any positive cases to the building owners.

  • IYC will continue to monitor the situation and regulations put into place by the CDC, state, town, and property owners. 

Drop off and Pick Up Rules: 


Location Rules on Parking:


The Groton Grange  – Parking is only allowed on the grange side of the road and is closely monitored due to the size of the road. Please turn off car lights for our neighbors.  


The Luina Greine Farm  – You may park in the lot unless otherwise instructed for an event.


Drop off to an event: Please make sure to sign in your child in at the beginning of the event. No children are to be left at an event unless you see an adult staff member on site and check your child in. We ask that you do not drop your child off earlier than the start time as we will be setting up or we may be walking other participants over from another location. Please let us know if your child is going to be absent.

After school art note: We understand that some friends may be coming from out of town and may arrive later than the start time. We are happy to catch them up if needed.


IYC picking students up from Florence Roche Elementary or the Groton Middle School: 

1. You will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork with the school for your child to leave with us. They will not let your child leave with us if you have not done so. Liz Breeman will be picking them up on their assigned day/s. 

2. If your child leaves early from school or is absent from school please let us know so that we are not searching for your child at the school. 

3. We will be walking to the Grange. Please send your child/ren with appropriate rain or winter gear as needed. 

4. We must have your child on our list for that day to pick your child up. 

5. Only the first event of the day is available for pick up. Those events will be marked in the Sign Up Here event descriptions. 1/2 day Friday groups will always be picked up from FloRo. If you really need a 3:15 pick up from FloRo on a Tuesday please send Miss Liz a message to double check. (it may become available if the session before does not run.)


Pick Up after an event: 

1. Please send your child with a signed note if they are going to be picked up by someone other than you. We will require a photo ID for anyone we do not recognize. It is your responsibility to inform them of that before pick up.

2. We will try to have participants packed up 5 min prior to the end of the event. Please let us know if you plan to come sooner so that we can get them packed up in time. Participants must be picked up by 5 min after the event’s end time.

3. We cannot release children into their own custody to walk home. No exceptions.

4. Please be on time. If a parent or authorized pickup person does not arrive or call within 5 minutes past the designated pick up time staff will call the number/s provided to reach you.

Late pick-up fee is $5.00 for every 5 minute past the pickup time.

Late fee payment is due immediately by cash or check.

Health and Medications:

All medical and personal information will be strictly confidential. Please inform us of any pressing medical concerns for your child. Examples: Your child has a moderate to severe allergy or a medical condition that may have an impact on their participation in the event or could require medical aid during the event. Any medications that may be required to be taken during an event must be handed to an adult with the proper written instructions and in their original container. (-unless an exception is made ahead of time for an inhaler or other medication) We will not give any medications to your child without prior parental and/or physician’s permission for medications.

Paperwork and Payment:


Paperwork – 

1. An IYC Waiver is required for all IYC events.  It is our goal to keep participants as safe as possible during our events, please help keep us safe too. Our waiver can be found on the forms page.

2. A waiver form for the Luina Greine Farm is required for events that take place at that location. 

3. The booking form for each service now includes the information we need for registration. If we are missing something we will contact you through the info you submitted so please make sure it is as accurate as possible. Thank you.



You may pay by credit card online or you may pay by cash or check in person. Our summer camp program will require an online deposit but please contact us if you would prefer to pay by cash or check.

Drop Ins are welcome. We ask that you please check in with us the day before the event for availability. We currently have a 10, 20, or 30 participant Maximum Capacity depending on the event.


If you must cancel your child’s event registration, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.


Cancellations that occur more than (5 days prior -summer camp) or (2 days prior -regular IYC event) to the start date of your registered event may be fully credited towards a future Inspiring Your Child, LLC event or you may choose to receive the money back by check minus a 25% administrative fee.


If a cancellation is made less than (5 days prior -summer camp) or (2 days prior -regular IYC event) to the start date of your registered event then there are no refunds or credits. No refunds will be made in the case of “no shows,” late arrivals, early withdrawals, or dismissals due to misconduct (please see IYC Behavior Expectations). In the event that Inspiring Your Child, LLC must cancel the event for whatever reason (bad weather, low enrollment, etc.), participants who have already paid will be offered the option of a credit toward a future program or a full refund.

Please remember to send your child wearing clothes that you and they do not mind getting paint or other stainable materials on. You can send them a change of clothes for after school art to change into when they arrive as well. We WILL occasionally get messy so please be aware :) 

Overall IYC Behavior Expectations:
1. Be safe
   a. Keep yourself safe
   b. Be safe with others
   c. Be safe with equipment and supplies


2. Be respectful
   a. To all other participants and staff
   b. To all public visitors
   c. The building, grounds, and IYC supplies
   d. To the environment


3. Be yourself and Have Fun! :)

*Our behavior expectations outline that we want our participants to be themselves and have fun but be safe too. We reserve the right to send home any participant whose behavior or actions put themselves or others in harm’s way. The duration of the dismissal is up to the judgment of IYC. Dismissals due to misconduct will not be refunded.

What NOT to bring to IYC events:
× Cell phones (If they have them we ask that they are not out during art times. An exception will be made for looking up things for art or to try stop action animation for a project. Miss Liz and Miss Julia will have a phone for emergencies and for parents to contact.)
× Electronics 
× Money
× Knives or weapons of any kind
× Fidget spinners and toys
× Anything you wouldn’t want to get dirty or potentially harmed or lost

*We will either ask them to keep it in their bag or will confiscate it until the end of the event depending on what the item is and what it was being used for.