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Winter Break

December 28th-30th, 2021

Looking for something for your kids to do over winter break? We have you covered. We have short sessions and 2 hour sessions available in the afternoon. Pick your own adventure with our options below: 

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Hats Off to You!

Thursday, December 30th @ 3:30 pm

Grades K-6    $30 per child

2 hrs: 3:30-5:30pm
No hat is alike in this stylish hat workshop! We will be building amazing hats out of paper. Not the kind you fold in a few minutes but ones that show the unique personality of each creator. The key word is building as we are going to be learning all sorts of folding, cutting, and gluing techniques that allow us to create 3D art with paper. We will choose a theme for the hat, make a design, build a base for the hat, and then create to our hearts content. We can’t wait to make all sorts of colorful and awesome hats with you! Great hats to wear to any New Year’s party :)


Horns, Hooves, and Magic

Wednesday, December 29th @ 3:30 pm

Grades K-6   $30 per child

2 hrs: 3:30-5:30pm
In this whimsical workshop we will draw, create, and make all things unicorn. Including a unicorn horn, a paper mache unicorn head, and other unicorn related activities time permitting.

Wax Painting

Tuesday, December 28th @ 2:30-3:30 pm

Grades 2-6   $25 per child

Cray-Pens are a neat way to get some awesome colors when “painting”. Come create your own encaustic art (art drawn with wax) on wood, cardboard, or thick plastic frames (you can paint from a picture). The Cray-Pen is pretty safe to use but all new students will be given a safety demonstration before they begin working as the Cray-Pen is a hot tool. We also will have the option to use rubber finger guards for any students who want them. (eligible for payment plan discount)


Mini Painted Canvas Flowers

Tuesday, December 28th @ 3:30-4:30 pm

Grades 2-6    $25 per child 

We will be designing and painting small 4x4in canvases with close up bright and colorful flowers after looking at some of Georgia O'Keeffe's flower artwork. 

(eligible for payment plan discount)

Artist Trading Cards

Tuesday, December 28th @ 4:30 pm

Grades K-6   $25 per child

Artist Trading Cards are mini art works or art explorations that kids (and adults) can keep, trade for another artist's card, or gift to someone they want to spread some joy to. Challenge yourself to try new techniques or use ones you know in new ways. Challenge yourself to try new materials or stay with a material you trust. We will have collaging materials, acrylic inks, painting chalk, neon paints, watercolors, colored pencils, and more. Bring a friend for extra trading fun! 

(eligible for payment plan discount)

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