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After School Art

Wednesdays in November

Polymer Clay Pendants

Wednesday, November 17th @ 2:30 pm
Grades 5-8   One time session!


Come design, create, and paint your own polymer clay pendants. A great way to make your own jewelry or a gift for someone else. We will talk briefly about design tricks and tricks.  The last 20 minutes we will bake the clay. During that time we will have out drawing and painting materials.  


Clay Creatures

Wednesday, November 17th @ 3:30 pm

Grades 2-6   Single session!

Come make some mini animals out of air dry clay with us! We will be using model magic which allows us to mix all sorts of colors for the animals and for the sculptures to dry at home. We can make all sorts of real or imaginary animals. 

Clay Donuts

Wednesday, November 17th @ 4:30 pm
Grades K-6   Single session!


Who doesn’t love donuts? Or a little Pop Art? Students may design their clay donut masterpieces from scratch! Miss Liz will teach a little about working with model magic clay and support students throughout the artistic process. Model magic allows us to create in full color and our donut sculptures can go home to dry.

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