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After School Art

Thursdays in November

Window Suncatchers

November Thursday @ 3:30 pm (date: 11)
Grades K-6   Single Session!


Brighten up your day with suncatchers for your windows or as a gift for someone else’s windows. We will be creating some fun designs with melted crayons, beads, and paper plates.


Magic Wands

November Thursday @ 3:30 pm (date: 18)
Grades K-6   Single Session!


Looking for a little magic? Make your own yarn wrap wand and add all your favorite magical decorations to it! If there is time, our young magicians, witches, and wizards may try out their wands in some fun ways :)


November Thursdays @ 4:30 pm (dates: 11+18)
Grades 2-6  Any one session or come back weekly for more!


We will be weaving with yarn on our very own mini looms. Miss Liz will teach or review the basic techniques including knot tying and then a new special weaving technique each class. Students who really get into weaving will be able to try out some new techniques and materials in January.

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