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After School Art

Fridays in November


November Fridays @ 3:30 pm (dates: 12+19)
Grades 2-6   Any one session or come back weekly for more!


Printmaking can happen in so many different ways. We will be exploring printing without a press for these sessions. We will play with styrofoam printing and maybe some found object printing. Students choose their own path. Miss Liz will support and guide students through the printmaking process. Each week there will be a new technique or a starting idea that students can choose to work from or do their own thing with. 


Art Explorations

November Friday @ 4:30 pm (date: 19)
Ages 3-5  Single Session!


Miss Liz invites our young explorers to join her for some art experiments! At this time young explorers must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times as an assistant to make sure everyone is able to enjoy a safe and colorful day. A great way to get out of the house for some art fun :) Some of the experiments can be taken home and others are more for the experience itself. 

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