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Make Your
Own Gifts

Wednesdays in December

Kirigami Globe Ornaments 

Wednesday, December 1st @ 2:30 pm 

Grades 5-8

Kirigami is a type of origami that uses scissors and glue or tape to complete the design. This design makes neat geometric puzzle like globes that look like they wrap through and around the shape. These can be made with all types of paper and participants will be able to make their own tracers to bring home and continue creating. (payment plan eligible)


Photo Ornaments

Wednesday, December 1st @ 3:30 pm 

Grades K-4 

Participants will be able to pick from three different picture frame ornaments to make. If there is time then they may make more than one. They may bring their small to tiny pictures with them to the event or make frames that can have pictures added later. (payment plan eligible)

Beaded Jewelry

Wednesday, December 1st @ 4:30 pm 

Ages 3-5 and Grades K-6 

Make your own jewelry! We have tons of beads to choose from. For the time being jewelry makers Ages 3-5 must be accompanied with an adult assistant at all times. We will have two tables set up for different difficulty levels. Jewelry makers Grades K-6 may attend on their own and may also try out making their own paper beads to make jewelry with later. (payment plan eligible)


Polymer Beads (1)

Wednesday, December 8th @ 2:30 pm 

Grades 5-8 

Polymer clay beads and pendants can be full of awesome colors, textures, patterns, and shapes. Miss Liz will briefly give some tips and tricks to making different types of beads and design choices. There will be a guide for how to make mini animals as well. We will cook our beads in the last 20 min of the workshop. Participants may pick from a selection of card making materials or take some time to draw on their own during that time. 

Polymer Beads (2)

Wednesday, December 8th @ 3:30 pm

Grades K-4 

Same as above but for K-4.

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Magnet Frenzy

Wednesday, December 8th @ 4:30 pm

Grades K-6

Make magnets with your own artwork or family photos. These magnets pop out pictures very nicely and make a great small gift for family and friends. Miss Liz will demonstrate several materials that can be used to make artwork that works nicely with this magnet creating technique and participants will be able to pick what they would like to do. If you want to use a photo please bring one that would fit in or can be cut down to a one inch circle. (payment plan eligible)

Alcohol Ink Coasters
Wednesday, December 15th @ 2:30 pm   

Grades 5-8 

These coasters are a beautiful bundle of moving color. Create your own bright swirls of color using our alcohol based inks. Once dry they do not require any glaze on top to shine. Make a set of 4 coasters to give as a gift to family or friends. If you create quickly you may also use our make your own cards station for the remainder of the workshop. (payment plan eligible)



Wednesday, December 15th @ 3:30 pm 

Grades TBA  

This session is still being planned. When it is ready we will make an announcement.

Clay Pendants: 2 sessions long
Wednesday, December 15th +22nd @ 4:30 pm  

Grades K-6

Come design, create, and paint your own clay pendants. A great way to make your own jewelry or a gift for someone else. We will talk briefly about design tricks and tricks each session. Please sign up for both Clay Pendant sessions as we will be making the pendants on day one and painting them on day two.


Memory Wire Bracelets (1)
Wednesday, December 22nd @ 2:30 pm   

Grades 5-8

Memory wire bracelets are easy to make and look great! Participants may make a ‘wrap around’ bracelet up to three loops wide, a two loop bracelet + a single loop bracelet, or three single loop bracelets. Miss Liz will have examples of each type and will give tips and tricks on planning out the bracelet so that it fits well. If a participant is not finished with a bracelet they may (within reason) take home some beads to finish the bracelet but they will need a pair of needle nose pliers at home and a quick demonstration on how to ‘end’ the bracelet before they leave. (payment plan eligible)

Sharpie Tie Dye

Wednesday, December 22nd @ 3:30 pm

Grades 2-8

Sharpie tie dye is done using rubbing alcohol on 100% cotton fabric. Workshop price does not include the fabric item to dye. Fabric Items you can order through Miss Liz: a $7 decorative neck scarf (while supplies last), a $2 bandana (while supplies last), or order a $3 T-shirt by Nov. 22nd from Miss Liz (see*** in Tuesday’s Tie Dye shirt section for more information and alternatives for after Nov. 22 for T-shirts). You may also bring your own 100% cotton item (no polymer blends) to dye (Michaels + Jo-Ann Fabrics both carry a fun selection or recycle clothing you already own). 

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