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Mondays in November

After School Art

Art Journals and Artist Trading Cards Galore 
November Mondays @ 3:30 pm (dates: 8, 15, 22, +29)
Grades K-6   Any one session or come back weekly for more!

Come challenge yourself with creating something new each day! This is one of those sessions where the more you come, the more awesome it gets. However, you can also just come once to any session to get yourself started creating on your own. Art Journals can be easy one day creations or they can be designed using bookbinding techniques taught by Miss Liz. Each student chooses their own path. Every week there will be a new challenge and a new material to try out in the art journal or as an Artist Trading Card. Artist Trading cards are a fun way to share some of your art adventures with others. You can keep them for yourself, you can give them as gifts, or you can trade them with other artists who make them! Make some new art friends by sharing your cards :) 


Cray-Pen Melted Crayon Painting
November Mondays @ 4:30 pm (dates: 8, 15, 22, +29)
Grades 2-6   Any one session or come back weekly for more!

Cray-Pens are a neat way to get some awesome colors when “painting”. Come create your own encaustic art  (art drawn with wax) on wood, cardboard, or thick plastic frames (you can paint from a picture). Small abstract art projects on wood can be accomplished in one to two sessions. Artworks on a plastic frame will take two or more sessions depending on the size, amount of detail, and work speed. The Cray-Pen is pretty safe to use but all new students will be given a safety demonstration before they begin working as the Cray-Pen is a hot tool. We also will have the option to use rubber finger guards for any students who want them. All new students will also start with making an “art coin” to get acquainted with the materials.

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